Engagement of members


EDN works with a participatory governance, engaging the members throughout the decision making process


The Assembly is the EDN’s governing body. It meets at least once a year with the participation of members who decide on issues under its authority by means of a majority vote subject to the agreements.

The Assembly has the power to amend the Statutes and approve internal regulation, to elect or remove members from the Board, to ratify its agreements and monitor its activity, to approve the budget and accounts and internal regulation, to appoint and dismiss members and to wind up the association.

Board of Directors

The Board presides over, administers and represents EDN for a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 6 years. It is formed by a minimum of 3 members: the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer. More board members can be elected.

The Board has the power to represent, manage and administer EDN, to call the Assembly and comply with any decision made, to report on the balance sheet and financial statements and to make recommendations.

The Board passes resolutions with a simple majority.

Working groups

The goal of EDN is achieved through working groups drawn from the membership and through commissions that may also involve invited guests and cooperate with other networks.


Cooperation among dancehouses

Partnerships and

The development of cooperation projects is one of the current focal points of the work carried out by the association

EDN is actively behind many projects that stem from the work analysis carried out by working groups. They may also involve institutions that are not part of EDN which enrich our knowledge and connections.

The development of cooperation projects is one of the current focal points of the work carried out by the association. With a minimum of 3 EDN members from different countries assigned to a project, the network provides support and advice.


EDN was legally constituted in Barcelona, Spain on 25 May 2009.

Environmental Policy

EDN Environmental Policy was reviewed and adopted on 25 September 2023