How to Join?

EDN gives priority to applications from organisations based in countries where the network is not yet present

Expressions of interest for joining the network are always welcome! Please get in touch with the office team.

When assessing applications, the board of directors shall take into consideration the applying organisation's adherence to the membership profile as well as the current priorities to ensure the network's geographical balance.

  • Interested organisations may send an expression of interest to the EDN office team anytime during the year.
  • They will be invited to fill in the application form and attach 3 recommendation letters from 3 existing EDN members based in other countries than the applicant's.
  • The Board shall propose an online meeting to get to know the applicant, collect extra information, and check the eligibility of the applying organisation.
  • The admission of new members is subject to the approval of the General Assembly which meets twice a year in January and June.
  • If the General Assembly approves the admission, the dance organisation becomes a member upon the payment of the annual membership fee.

What to expect?

In the application process, dance organisations will be invited to demonstrate the following points:

Agree with and contribute to the mission of EDN.
Demonstrate their interest in collaborating with international organisations as well as in participating in EDN activities.
Demonstrate their motivation to work collectively towards more access, diversity, equity and inclusion in the dance field.
Promote more sustainable practices in the dance field and advocate for human, social, environmental, artistic and non-profit-seeking values.

Members’ commitments

All members understand that the more they engage with the network, the more benefits they get! They of course commit to the functioning of the association and its development:

Agree to appoint at least one representative who will be the contact person(s) within the organisation to ease the communication process with other members and the EDN office team.
Actively take part in EDN’s activities and co-create new ones.
Attend the General Assembly Meetings, either in person or via a proxy given to another EDN member organisation.
Attend at least one General Assembly Meeting in person each year.
Actively promote the EDN network, its actions and funders (internally, within their organisation, and externally, towards dance stakeholders).
Respond as best they can to the requests from EDN management to implement the yearly programme of activities.
Pay an annual membership fee.

Membership fee

The membership fee is fixed by the General Assembly upon the proposal of the Board.
EDN members pay an annual fee, valid from January to December.
Fee depends on the annual turnover of the organisation and three categories are in place:

200 EUR if turnover is below 200,000 EUR.
600 EUR when turnover is below 700,000 EUR.
1,000 EUR when turnover is over 700,000 EUR.

EDN membership is only valid when the membership fee is paid.
Invoices are sent at the beginning of the calendar year with a payment delay of 30 days. Members facing difficulties are encouraged to contact the office team before the deadline to make alternative arrangements.